Breakfast Set Course Neubau (14+)

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2-teiliger Kurs
Dauer – 4h 
Bis zu 10 Personen

In this class you will make your own designed dinnerware. You will go through all the steps from clay modeling to glazing and at the end you will hold your own dinner set in your hands.

When modeling, there are no limits to the shapes you can create. Round, square or organic – everything is possible. During the first two-hour session, two plates and a matching cup or bowl will be shaped using the plate technique. If you want to make the surface more interesting, you can press a pattern into the clay with different herbs, flowers and leaves. For this purpose, you are welcome to bring your own findings, but we also have some in our studio :) structered fabrics, laces, wood with unique patterns…there is always some inspiration for clay in difereent materials.

A week later, the raw-fired pieces will be glazed with professional glazes. The high quality materials allow a firing temperature that makes the pieces dishwasher safe and microwaveable.

+ Gift card
Thinking of someone who might enjoy taking this class? Perfect, we have a lovely gift card for that – in both digital and printed form. The digital card can be sent immediately to the recipient(s) and the printed version will take 1 – 3 days to arrive in your mailbox.

+ What you do
In this unit you will learn to make 2 of your own plates (approximately 25-27cm in diameter) and 1 cup or mug. In all of our classes we only use stoneware clay to ensure your pieces are durable, functional and have a long, happy life :). This course includes 3 finished pieces. Each additional piece is 12€ if you want to keep it and finish it with glazes.

+ The course plan
1st day – introduction and tooling, using slab technique and stencils, bending up the edge, shaping, surface design – 2 h.

Between these days your works will be dried and fired in the kiln at 960C°.

2nd day one week later – glazing – 2 h.
After this day, your works will be high fired in the kiln at 1220C°.

(!) Glazing could be postponed to next week.

+ No experience required
This course is ideal for ALL ceramic beginners incl. children (no experience necessary!).

+ Location Neubau
Westbahnstraße 18 1070 Wien

+ Course cost

+ Dinner Set course in English
All our courses are bilingual, it means general instruction is provided in German but we always have a few English speakers so we switch back and force a lot!

Breakfast Set Course Neubau (14+)

From:  119,00

* inkl. MwSt

2-teiliger Kurs
Dauer – 4h 
Bis zu 10 Personen

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