Pottery Weekend – Throwing, Trimming, Glazing! Neubau (14+)


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Three-part intensive course on the potter’s wheel for beginners

Have you always wanted to make pottery on the wheel? Go for it. With us you can get into pottery in a small group under the professional guidance of our great teachers Andrea, Rosa and Miriam. In the first session you will learn the basic techniques of pottery on the wheel. The following day we will trim the pieces from the previous day – remove all excess on the turned pottery, attach foot and handle. If there is time left, you can continue to practice and potter. For the third date, we will meet for glazing. We have a wide selection of high temperature glazes that create a beautiful play of color. You can choose from over 100 glazes!

+ Gift Card
Thinking of someone who might enjoy taking this class? Perfect, we have a lovely gift card for that – in both digital and printed form. The digital card can be sent to the recipient immediately and the printed version will take 1-3 days to arrive in your mailbox.

+ What you will do
What will the pieces look like? That’s up to you, but they are usually small cups, vases, bowls or flower pots made from high quality clay. In all of our classes, we use only stoneware clay to ensure that your pieces are durable, functional, and have a long, happy life :). This course includes 5 finished pieces. Each additional piece is 12€ if you want to keep it and finish it with glazes.

+ Glazing
During glazing you will get access to professional high temperature glazes. All glazes are non-hazardous and are later heated to high temperatures in our professional kiln – up to 1220C°! This phase of production is incredibly transformative – your pieces will not only become beautiful and unique, but functional, food safe, dishwasher and microwave safe.

+ The course schedule
1.day Throwing pots on the wheel(Friday 5 – 8pm or 6 – 9pm).
2.day Trimming pots on the wheel (Saturday next day 4 – 7 pm)
3.day Glazing pots (Saturday one week later 10 am – 12 pm)

+ Location Neubau
Westbahnstraße 3, 1070 Vienna

+ Course cost
175€/ person (the price is final: All Inclusive!)

Pottery Weekend – Throwing, Trimming, Glazing! Neubau (14+)


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