Wine & Clay Teambuilding Hietzing

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What could be better for creative work than a glass of wine. Exactly, nothing! We think so too, which is why our most popular courses by far are our Wine and Clay sessions. Find out together who from your team has the most flair and who has the most creative ideas. You can dive into the world of ceramics together, create something creative and strengthen the team. The special thing about our team-building events is that you make unique ceramics yourself and can then use them at home or in your office and thus marvel at your own creativity every day. Our staff will be happy to help you with tips and tricks.

Our team events can also be combined! At the potter’s wheel, however, absolute sobriety is recommended, because it is already enough of a challenge to keep the clay from rotating eccentrically, if you also have to keep yourself from doing so, the whole thing becomes quite difficult. Therefore, always first pottery on the wheel and then Wine & Clay. ;)

+ Appointment
The dates offered are just for your convenience – if the date/time suits you, it’s great, then feel free to book right away and avoid extra emails. But please suggest your time if none of the offered dates fits for you! Then we’ll exchange a few emails and find the perfect date/time for you.

+ Lesson duration
In this two and a half hour class, you will perfect your very own ceramic creation under the guidance of our experienced ceramists*.

+ What you will make
With professional guidance from our skilled ceramists, you’ll be able to create your own custom pottery, whether it’s a vase, a plant pot, a mug, or something else entirely. There are no limits to your imagination! Your works are fully functional and can be used for eating, drinking or as decoration for home or office. :)

It’s fun, social and there’s something for everyone! You’ll also try out engobes – a special underglaze color that you can apply directly to the raw clay.  The course includes one masterpiece per person, which will be raw-fired by us at 960 °C, then professionally glazed and fired again, this time at 1220 ° C. About 2 weeks later it will be ready for you to pick up.  Yes, it’s functional – you can eat from it, drink from it, and it’s dishwasher safe and microwave safe.

+ No experience necessary.
This class is ideal for ALL ceramic beginners.

+ Wine & Clay / Pottery Class Combo.
You can combine Wine & Clay with one of our popular pottery classes – 2.5 hour pottery class or 1.5 hr Spin & Go. This will make your pottery experience complete!

+ Location Hietzing
Maxingstraße 3 1130 Vienna

+ Lesson duration – 2 hours 30 minutes
Course guidance and materials, as well as 2 firings, a transparent glaze and a few glasses of wine for each person are included in the price.

+ Course cost
690€ (min. 10 persons).
For each additional person +69€ (total max. 13 people).

Wine & Clay Teambuilding Hietzing

From:  750,00

* inkl. MwSt

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