Pottery course Teambuilding Hietzing

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+ Duration – 2h 30m
++ Up to 8 persons

Team pottery
Is your company like a second family to you and would you like to take a trip with them into the wonderful world of ceramics? Then you’ve come to the right place! Which of your colleagues has the most flair? Come along and find out at the team pottery! By the way, the courses are not only for work colleagues, but also for clubs, sports teams, bands, guilds, gangs, chess clubs, etc. Together we will discover the creative process of pottery on the wheel with you and teach you the basics of this wonderful craft. Within the two and a half hours of the pottery course you can make small bowls and mugs but also artistic vases and the like. When you are done with the pottery and have decided on a glaze together, we will take over and fire the resulting works for you once at 960° and after glazing once at 1220° Celsius.

By the way, our team events can also be combined with our best seller Wine & Clay.  At the potter’s wheel, however, absolute sobriety is recommended, because it is already enough of a challenge to keep the clay from rotating eccentrically. If you also have to keep yourself from rotating, the whole thing becomes quite difficult. Therefore always pottery on the wheel first and then Wine & Clay ;)

+ Date and time
The dates offered are for your convenience only – if the date/time works for you, it’s perfect, you can book right away and avoid extra emails. Please suggest your time if none of the offered dates fit for you! Then we’ll exchange a few emails and find the perfect date for your team.

+ What you will make
You decide what the pieces will look like. A small cup, vase, bowl or a plant container. You can microwave/dishwasher your pottery or plant a beautiful plant inside. Through professional instruction from our trained ceramists, you will learn the basics of pottery and make your own fully functional pottery that you can then use In the clubhouse, at work or at home for eating or drinking.

+ Pottery course / Wine&Clay combination
You can combine pottery class with one of our popular modeling classes – 2.5 hours of Wine&Clay or 2.5 hours of Coffee&Clay. You will have the full pottery experience!

+ Location Hietzing
Maxingstraße 3, 1130 Vienna

+ No experience required
This class is ideal for ALL ceramic beginners (no experience necessary!).

+ Class duration – 2h 30
Class size is strictly limited to 8 people in Hietzing (Up to 16 people in Neubau). Any piece your team members want to keep, we will dry it, fire it “raw” at 960, glaze it for you and fire it again at 1220C. We will be happy to ship the box of handmade pieces directly to your company, rehearsal room, chess club, or wherever you want within two to three weeks after the event (small fee will be applied). Or you can simply pick up the finished pieces yourself.

+ Course costs
Up to 8 persons 632€

Pottery course Teambuilding Hietzing

From:  632,00

* inkl. MwSt

+ Duration – 2h 30m
++ Up to 8 persons

Pottery classes in Vienna - fun, warm and welcoming

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