Coffee & Clay Teambuilding Neubau

From:  690,00

* incl. VAT

+ Duration – 2h 30m
++ Up to 30 persons

Coffee is an essential part of a good start to the day. It wakes us up and motivates us to be productive!

That’s why, and because we know how nice coffee breaks can be, we now also offer our Coffee & clay events for teams. You will not only be served fresh coffee, but also clay and the opportunity to create your own individual ceramics with the help of our competent staff. And every time you drink coffee from your own creation in the future, you will remember how much fun you had during this wonderful experience.

+Date and time
The dates offered are just for your convenience – if the date/time works for you, it’s perfect, you can book right away and avoid extra emails. Please suggest your time if none of the offered dates fit for you! Then we’ll exchange a few emails and find the perfect date for you!

+What you will do
In this two-hour class, you will perfect your own ceramic creation under the guidance of our experienced ceramists*. It’s fun, cozy, and everyone makes their own coffee mug or something similar! We will learn the basic techniques of hand-modeling, while making a fully functional piece of tableware. You’ll also try out engobes – a special underglaze paint that you can apply directly to the raw clay.

This gives you endless possibilities to make your creation the cutest piece in the world: little flowers, hearts, stripes, vegetables, or something artfully abstract! You can make your own ideas and get inspired by ours!

The course includes one masterpiece per person, which will be raw fired by us at 960°C, then transparent glazed and fired again, this time at 1220°C. About 2 weeks later it will be ready for you to pick up.

Yes, it is functional – you can eat from it, drink from it and it is dishwasher and microwave safe.

+Coffee&Clay / pottery course combo
You can combine Coffee&Clay with one of our popular pottery classes – 2.5 hours of pottery class or 1.5 hours of Spin&Go. You’ll have the full pottery experience!

+No experience required
This class is ideal for ALL pottery beginners (no experience necessary!).

+Class duration
In this two and a half hour class, you will perfect your very own ceramic creation under the guidance of our experienced ceramists.

+Location Neubau
Westbahnstraße 18 1070 Vienna

Up to 10 persons € 690, –
Every additional person € 69,-
Max 30 participants

Coffee & Clay Teambuilding Neubau

From:  690,00

* inkl. MwSt

+ Duration – 2h 30m
++ Up to 30 persons

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