Handmade ceramics painting course in Neubau (7+) *Glaze workshop for handmade studio ceramics

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We made, you glaze!

Escape the gray everyday life and dive with us into the wonderful world of colors!

In this course we will show you a palette of different high quality glazes whose play of colors will make your life more colorful. The basis for this is the durable stoneware ceramics we turn and a range of exciting glazes. It takes a lot of practice and time to make truly functional ceramics, so here we offer you the opportunity to skip the hard part and create pottery of your own design. The assortment ranges from espresso cups, vases and bowls to lamp bases and lunch boxes. All pieces are handmade and homemade. Whether made from white, black or speckled clay – there is something for everyone !

+What you will do
First, we’ll give you the difficult decision of which of our ceramics you’ll soon call your own (they’re all great). Then you will learn different techniques of glazing and with the help of our instructors you will be able to make your ideas of a personalized ceramic come true.

The pieces are suitable for microwave/dishwasher after firing!

If you feel like glazing more pieces, you can simply choose several from our large selection of handmade pieces and purchase them additionally. Glazing and firing costs are already included in the prices!

+ The course schedule
1st day glazing – 2h. After this day your pieces will be fired in the kiln at 1220C°.

+ Location
Westbahnstraße 18 1070 Wien

+ Course cost
55€ (the price includes: Glazing and firing of 1-2 handmade ceramic items, depending on your choice).

+ Course language
This course is conducted in German.
All our course instructors also speak English, if you need some assistance but if you want to visit a whole course in English, click HERE.

Handmade ceramics painting course in Neubau (7+) *Glaze workshop for handmade studio ceramics

From:  35,00

* inkl. MwSt

We made, you glaze!

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