Open Studio Pottery Wheels Hietzing

From:  18,00

* incl. VAT

We are happy that you are stopping by!

If you would like to reserve a timeslot for our Open Studio and have a Monthly Pass, simply use the code sent to you to secure your spot.

If you don’t have a “Monthly Pass”, that’s no problem at all, you can simply reserve a timeslot online in our studio right here.

How much does our Open Studio cost?
– For your time in our studio:
€ 18,00 / 2 hours or enter your code for the “Monthly Pass” ( from € 3,6 / hour)

For the clay, depending on how much you use:
– € 2,00 / kg white stoneware clay or speckled stoneware clay (potter’s wheel or modeling)
– € 4,00 / kg gray stoneware clay (potter’s wheel or modeling)

For the firing costs:
€ 6,50 / kg (960°C / 1220°C) – for holders of a “Monthly Pass”
€ 10 / kg (960°C / 1220°C – for everyone without a Monthly Pass

If you have never attended one of our glazing workshops before, you must make an appointment online for this workshop (additional glazing workshop) before you can come to the Open Studio to glaze on your own. This will cost you a one-off fee of 25.00 euros. After 3 weeks you can then come to the studio on your own to collect your pieces. Your pieces will then be ready.

What else is there to know?
– The minimum time you can reserve is 2 hours
– You always have guaranteed access to our studios when you need it
– Extra long working hours
(Monday to Friday 9:00 – 20:00; Saturday 10:00 – 20:00)
– You have the opportunity to use all our tools, machines, glazes and much more independently
– You can use our kitchen for coffee and tea
– We offer you extra long working hours
– You have enough space at our large wooden work tables
– 30 minutes clean-up time after your appointment is always free :)) If you book 2x2h, you get 30 minutes bonus for working and 30 minutes for cleaning up!

Please don’t forget to make your Open Studio reservations online, as this is the only way we can always guarantee our community a place to work creatively.

We look forward to seeing you!

Open Studio Pottery Wheels Hietzing

From:  18,00

* inkl. MwSt

We are happy that you are stopping by!

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