9-week pottery course for beginners with Anita (Only in Hiеtzing) (16+)

From:  450,00

* incl. VAT

+ Duration – 9 x 3h = 27h
++ Up to 7 persons

+ When?

Nine Thursdays in a row from 17:00 to 20:00h (or 18:00 – 21:00h).

Sometimes it’s meant to be more than just a taster to fill a need. With our 9-week course, we want to invite you to an intensive on the potter’s wheel. Whether or not you’ve never worked with the potter’s wheel before, we’ll start from scratch. What does stoneware mean? How do I center the clay? Why is careful kneading beneficial? How many degrees will my pieces be fired at now? Once I turn a cup, how do I make it into a bowl? And why does my wheel turn clockwise and my neighbor’s wheel turn counterclockwise?

You will find everything you need for the course in our studio. There are eight finished pieces included in this course. Each additional piece costs 12 euros. All of your handmade pieces are waterproof, non-toxic and dishwasher safe!

And one morning you wake up, comfortably drinking tea from your home-made mug, accompanied by a butter croissant on your own stoneware plate and a dreamy glance towards the bouquet of flowers on the windowsill – your first vase.

+ Course plan

Day 1 – Introduction and centering

Day 2 – From centering to cylinder shape

Day 3 – Shaping a cylinder into a mug. This is the day you create your first pieces.

Day 4 – Pulling handles and refinishing the pieces from Day 3. Refinishing the pieces is also called “turning off”.

Day 5 – Bowls. Now how do I get from a cylinder shape to a bowl?

Day 6 – Turning.

Day 7 – Vases. By now you are familiar with the basics and can move on to more challenging shapes.

Day 8 – Turning

Day 9 – Glazing. All your works have now been fired once in the kiln and are waiting to be glazed. There is a wide range of glazes to choose from, which you can apply according to your taste. The pieces then dry for a few more days and then travel a second time in the kiln. A maximum of three weeks after the glaze firing, we will notify you and you can take your finished pottery home.

+ Can I reschedule?
If you miss a session, no problem! Our studio is available to you all week, and you can call to find out when a wheel is free and work on it for free instead of the missed unit. We also make our studio available as an “Open Studio” so you can spend more time on the wheel away from class. After nine sessions, you’re now ready to work on your own and dedicate yourself to producing your own ceramics.

+ Course instructor

+ Location Hietzing
Maxingstraße 3, 1130 Vienna

+ Course fee

+ 9-Weeks Pottery Course in English
All our courses are bilingual, it means general instruction is provided in German but we always have a few English speakers so we switch back and force a lot!

9-week pottery course for beginners with Anita (Only in Hiеtzing) (16+)

From:  450,00

* inkl. MwSt

+ Duration – 9 x 3h = 27h
++ Up to 7 persons

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