5-week pottery course (14+) *Intensive course at the potter’s wheel with Miriam in Nеubau (for beginners)

From:  275,00

* incl. VAT

+ Total duration – 10h
+ Up to 8 people

+Structure of the course
In the first two weeks we will deal with the wonderfully frustrating and mesmerizing process of centering and how to transform your lump of clay into a work of art.

In week three, we’ll learn the basics of pottery, from basic shapes and cylinders to bowls and vases.

In week four, the then already leather-hard pieces will be refined. Handles are slicked, backs are trimmed.

We use the last week for glazing to transform our masterpieces into fully functional ceramics.

+ Length of lessons
Included in our 5-week course are weekly, two-hour classes with our fabulous master who will hold your hand every step of the way – literally if necessary – a bag of beautiful, tactile high-fire clay, firing and glazing.

+ No experience necessary
This class is ideal for people with no experience, but also for those who have had a few classes but need a refresher to improve their technique.

+ The course schedule

Day.1- Centering & Co
The first day of this course is all about centering the clay on the wheel, one of the most important and demanding techniques of this craft, as well as showing you proper kneading and other preparation techniques that are the cornerstones of pottery.

Day.2 – Pottery Cylinders
In this part we will potter cylinders in different sizes and thickness. Since this basic shape presents the most difficulties, we will dedicate ourselves to mastering it.

Day.3 – Bowls / Cups
Now that the basics have been learned it’s time to get down to business, your first self-throwen utilitarian pottery takes shape, a bowl / cup.

Day.4 – Backs, handles and finishes
On the last day of clay-working we take care of the foots of the potteries and slip handles onto the leather-hard cups.

Day.5 – Glazing
After the dried pieces have been fired at 960° Celsius you will come back to our studio and learn the basics of glazing. There is great potential in this step, because by adding an individual color your ceramics will become absolutely unique!

+ Can I reschedule?
The course is held in 5 consecutive weeks. Same day, same time. Unfortunately, if you can’t make it to a date, we can’t offer a make-up class. However, you can use the open studio for free for the time you missed and we will be around :)

+ Course language

This course is conducted in German.
All our course instructors also speak English, if you need some assistance but if you want to visit a whole course in English, click HERE.

+Class duration – 10h

+Location Neubau
Westbahnstraße 18, 1070 Vienna

+Course cost
290€ (final price – all included!)

5-week pottery course (14+) *Intensive course at the potter’s wheel with Miriam in Nеubau (for beginners)

From:  275,00

* inkl. MwSt

+ Total duration – 10h
+ Up to 8 people

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