Vase workshop in English with Bar (Only in Nеubau)

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We are happy to invite all those who enjoy hand modeling in good company to visit us on Saturdays, in our studio in Neubau, where we will teach you how to build beautiful clay vases for your home! You will learn the proper technique that is required in order to build strong, tall and sturdy vases that will stay with you for years to come. You can chose this workshop as one or two-day course depending on your desire to return for glazing!

In addition to stoneware clay we will also provide necessary tools and, of course, our close guidance – to make your vision come to life and model the clay into a beautiful artistic vase!

+ What you will do
In this 3,5-hour workshop, you will create your own ceramic vase, under the guidance of our experienced ceramists. We will learn the most useful techniques of ‘coil building’ for making fully functional and beautiful ceramic vases.

This course includes your finished masterpiece, which we fire for you at 960° C and then professionally glaze with transparent glaze (and then fire again at 1220° C) so that it can be picked up about 2-3 weeks later. Of course, it’s functional – the beauty of your flowers will be emphasized in a magnificent vase from your own creation.

Alternatively, you can return to glaze your vase yourself using our beautiful glazes. After we fire your vase at 960° C you will comeback for a glazing workshop. Under the guidance of our great instructor you will get an access to our rich palette of professional, high temperature stoneware glazes. Glaze application will allow you to achieve incredible result turning your vase into a truly unique masterpiece.

+ No experience required
This course is ideal for ALL ceramic beginners (no experience necessary!) but is also suitable for those who have experience with clay, and want to deepen their knowledge in hand building modeling.

+Language of the course

+ Location NEUBAU
Westbahnstraße 18, 1070 Vienna

+ Duration – 3.5 hours

The number of participants is limited to 10 people. All materials, instructions, and one fully functional masterpiece are included in the price :)

+ Course cost
165€/person (with glazing course)

Vase workshop in English with Bar (Only in Nеubau)

From:  165,00

* inkl. MwSt

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