Two-part pottery course (+14) *Spin and Glaze in English (Only in Nеubau)

From:  95,00

* incl. VAT

Total duration – 4h 30m
Up to 7 people

This course is the perfect introduction to the world of pottery and glazing. You’ll spend 2.5 hours turning your first pottery pieces and then glaze them a week later in another 2-hour session. This course is our absolute best seller because it is long enough to gain experience, but compact enough that you can easily schedule it with friends or family.

For those who didn’t get enough of pottery after that, we offer a number of other courses. They range in length from one weekend to five to nine weeks, giving you the opportunity to dive even deeper.

+ Visiting Vienna just for few days? 
If you don’t have time to come back for glazing we have something for you! Recycle pieces you made during your 2,5 class and get in exchange a fully functional handmade cup made by us – already fired and glazed! Enjoy your cup and your memory!

+ Gift Card
Thinking of someone who might enjoy taking this course? Perfect, we have a lovely gift card for that – in both digital and printed form. The digital card can be sent to the recipient immediately, and the printed version will take 1-3 days to arrive in your mailbox.

+ What you will do
What will the pieces look like? That’s entirely up to you, but it is usually cups, small vases, bowls or flower pots made from high quality clay. In all of our classes we only use stoneware clay to ensure that your pieces are durable, functional, and have a long, happy life :). This course includes 3 finished pieces. Each additional piece is 12€ if you want to keep it and finish it with glazes.

+ Glazing
During glazing you will get access to professional high temperature glazes. All glazes are non-hazardous and are later heated to high temperatures in our professional kiln – up to 1220C°! This phase of production is incredibly transformative – your pieces will not only become beautiful and unique, butalso functional, food safe, dishwasher and microwave safe.

+ The course schedule
Day 1 Pottery on the wheel – 2.5 hours. You will learn how to produce your first pottery on the wheel.
Between these days your pots will be dried and fired in the kiln at 960C°.

Day 2 Glazing – same time one week later – 2 hours. You will learn how to glaze your pieces.
After this day, your ceramics will be high fired in the kiln at 1220C°.

(!) Glazing can be postponed to the next week if needed.

+ What happens if you are the only person who has booked a particular course?
If this is the case, we will simply convert your course into a private session in which you will spend first hour pottering together with a course instructor. After that, you will have 1.5 hours to practice on your own.One week later, the glazing session is scheduled, in which you will learn the glazing technique in a further two-hour unit.

If there are only two of you attending a course, you will spend 1.5 hours together with the course instructor and then have another hour to work independently.

+ No experience required
This course is ideal for ALL ceramic beginners (no experience necessary!). Children with parents – from 14 years.

+ Studio Neubau
Westbahnstraße 18, 1070 Vienna

+ Course costs

Two-part pottery course (+14) *Spin and Glaze in English (Only in Nеubau)

From:  95,00

* inkl. MwSt

Total duration – 4h 30m
Up to 7 people

Pottery classes in Vienna - fun, warm and welcoming

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