Wine & Clay Neubau (16+)

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Modellieren und…Prost!

Have you heard the news? Fresh Ceramics now lives in Hietzing AND Neubau! More space, more tables, more wonderful people to share and create with! And of course, more fresh ideas on how we can introduce you to clay in the most fun and relaxed way possible!

By far, our most popular classes are our Wine&Clay sessions. You can probably guess why … Cheers! Each week we explore a new local wine that is right up wine lovers’ alley. Sometimes you even get to meet the winemaker at the class! All materials, instructions, a fully functional masterpiece, and of course a few glasses of wine are included :)

+ What you will make
In this class you will perfect your very own ceramic creation under the guidance of our experienced ceramicists. It’s fun, social, and everyone makes something! We’ll focus on form and texture to make your vessel; be it a vase, a planter, a mug, or something only you know how to make! During the class, we will teach the basic techniques that anyone who wants to start modeling will need. This course includes a finished masterpiece that we will fire for you at 960°C and then professionally glaze with transparent glaze (and then fire again at 1220°C) so it can be picked up about 2-3 weeks later. Yes, it’s functional – you can eat from it, drink from it, and it’s dishwasher safe and microwave safe.

+ No experience necessary
This class is ideal for ALL ceramic beginners (no experience necessary!).

+ Class duration – 2 hours
Class size is limited to 25 people. All materials, instructions, a fully functioning masterpiece and of course a few glasses of wine are included in the price :) For an extra charge, we can also send your masterpiece to your home, wherever you are in the EU.

+ Wine&Clay Private
If you book for 10 people, you get your own big beautiful table just for your group. The same is true for 20 people. We move 2 table closer together and you celebrate! Are you planning your event on Saturday? We have an excellent option for you – please go here.

+ Location NEUBAU
Westbahnstraße 18, 1070 Vienna

+ Course cost

+ Course language
This course is conducted in German.
All our course instructors also speak English, if you need some assistance but if you want to visit a whole course in English, click HERE.


+ Behind the Scenes
After you’ve finished working on your piece, we’ll make sure the conditions are right for your piece to dry properly – after a day or two, we’ll turn it upside down and write your initials on it. Depending on the thickness of your creation, it will take 3-10 days to dry completely. Once it’s dry, we fire it at 960 degrees Celsius – reaching the right temperature and cooling takes about 28 hours. After the initial “raw” firing, we dip your piece in transparent glaze and place it in the kiln again – this time to fire at 1220 degrees Celsius. After another 36 hours, your piece is beautiful, shiny, very durable and fully functional. You can now use it every day, put it in the dishwasher and be proud of yourself :) In 2-3 weeks after your class, we’ll let you know your piece is ready for pickup!

Wine & Clay Neubau (16+)

From:  65,00

* inkl. MwSt

Modellieren und…Prost!

Pottery classes in Vienna - fun, warm and welcoming

Welcome to Fresh Ceramics, your ceramic studio and store in Hietzing and Neubau. We are here to fulfill pottery dreams of our neighbors and the entire community. Let us inspire you and discover the wonderful world of ceramics!


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