Children’s Birthday Party Ceramic Painting (6+) (Only in Hiеtzing)

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* incl. VAT

If you want to do something creative as part of a birthday party, you’ve come to the right place. In our studio, each child can choose a ceramic piece of their choice and then paint it with our large selection of brush-on glazes. We offer a wide range of both functional and decorative shapes.

This offer is perfect for a birthday party with 4-10 children. For this party, you can choose one of two different price categories. The children can choose pieces worth €35 or €50. The price is per child, glaze and firing are included.

The pieces are made of earthenware and the firing temperature is 1040°. We therefore recommend washing the pieces by hand. After the birthday party, we glaze all the pieces again with a transparent glaze so that they look uniform and water-prove. The firing process takes about 24 hours. The firing transforms the matt surface into a glossy one. After about 2 weeks pieces will be ready for collection.

The package is limited to our “ceramic painting corner”, if you would like the whole thing on a larger scale, you are also welcome to take a closer look at our BIRTHDAY MODELING PACKAGE, here the whole studio is reserved and as a break between the workshop the birthday child can also be celebrated with cake and gifts brought along.

+ No experience necessary
This course is ideal for ALL ceramic beginners 6+

+ Duration of class – 2h

+ Location Hietzing
Maxingstraße 3, 1130 Vienna

+ Course costs
with a minimum number of 4 persons – 140€
each additional person – 35€ (min. 4, max. 12 children/adults)

Children’s Birthday Party Ceramic Painting (6+) (Only in Hiеtzing)

From:  140,00

* inkl. MwSt

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